Write Yourself into Your Website

Write Yourself into Your Website

 How to Write Persuasive Web Copy that Feels Awesome

 A Live Event with Angela Raines
Hosted by HoloBeing in Boulder, CO
Tuesday, June 24 | 7 – 8:30pm

Learn how to bridge the gap between authenticity and powerful persuasion … so your website makes more money without a hint of ick.

  • Does writing your website make you wanna pull your hair out (or cry into some organic gelato)?
  • Are you rarin’ to add some swagger to your web copy — but hold yourself back because you’re scared it’ll sound arrogant or icky-schmaltzy?
  • Do you avoid sending people to your site because it doesn’t really feel like you?

Please join me for an interactive evening where you’ll learn how to write a website that makes you smile … and makes you money.

 Expect to:

  •  Get a bolt of inspiration  … and the tools to implement it.
  • Learn some of the biggest traps soulful entrepreneurs make in their websites — and how to avoid them gracefully.
  • Make writing your website less a chore and more a joyful self-discovery.
  • Learn why your About page isn’t really about you — and what to do about it.
  • Hear real-world examples of web copy transformations — and how you can apply those lessons to your own website.
  • Laugh a little, learn a lot, and walk forth with more spring-in-your-step confidence and clarity.

Angela is a superstar… and your opportunity is now.

~ Bari Tessler Linden | Financial Therapist, Coach, Mommypreneur

Soulful entrepreneurs have a particularly difficult time crafting clear web copy with the proper dosage of oomph.

You know who you are: therapists, healers, coaches … anyone who’s genuinely trying to make the world a better place. You’ve got some high-level awesome to share. And you want to do business in a way that feels aligned with your values.

In this interactive evening, you’ll get pro tips and behind-the-scenes mojo from a web copywriter who specializes in working with values-driven entrepreneurs just like you. We’ll answer questions like:

  •  Can you be fully yourself — with all your humility and imperfections — and be successful? (Yes … with some caveats.)
  • How do you persuade people to buy — without using fear tactics? (Boo! Did that work?)
  • Do you need to write heavy-handed, long-form sales pages that shout at your reader like a used car salesman in order to be profitable? (Hint: nope. And please don’t.)

Angela’s copywriting comes from some cosmic place that may have been birthed by the junction of a master wordsmith and an alien who definitely grokked the big picture of our planet and its eccentricities. Angela inspires greater creativity, clarity and grounded connection with all kinds of audiences. I plan to continue collaborating with Angela at every opportunity and highly recommend her!

~ Kathlyn Hendricks| The Hendricks Institute

Stop pulling out your hair. Put down the gelato. Quit waiting for your website to write itself, automagically. Learn how to weave your own light into your website while maybe-even-possibly having fun!

Your Investment: $25.  Yep, that’s it!

 You can create a website that’s powerfully persuasive and beautifully you.  Join us for this evening of irresistible awesome!

Bring an open mind. Bring your burning questions. Bring your enthusiasm, your doubts, your resistance, and a sense of play. Bring your friends. But definitely bring yourself — because this is one night only, folks!

Click here to visit the HoloBeing website and register.

There are writers, and then there are writers. You know, the kind that take what you labored on and somehow breathe soul into it, so that the words come alive on a page or screen. Angela is one of those rare writers who turns copywriting into an art, infusing it with such a strong personality that you’d swear her copy is actually speaking directly to you.

~ Keith Martin-Smith | Award-Winning Author

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.