The Art of Money

Winner of 2017 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal
Winner of 2017 Nautilus Book Award Silver
Published by Parallax Press | Distributed by Penguin Random House

I’m honored that my long-time client, Bari Tessler, entrusted me to co-write her book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness.

I’m delighted that she says it’s the book she always dreamed of.

And I’m deeply moved by the critical acclaim and reader response the book has received:

  • Winner, 2017 Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal – one of the highest national awards for excellence in independent publishing.
  • Winner, 2017 Nautilus Book Award Silver Medal – awarded for “exceptional literary contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living & green values.” (Extra cool because the tattoo I got between writing the book and it receiving this award? Is a nautilus.)
  • Named one of Inc.’s top 7 personal finance books of 2016.
  • An excerpt was published on Oprah’s website.
  • It’s in libraries from Kentucky to Oklahoma to Boston and beyond. (Libraries have a very special place in my heart.)
  • The book outperformed expectations, almost immediately went into a second printing, then paperback, and soon audiobook.
  • Mindful Magazine published a luxuriously long excerpt, landing Bari on the cover (and in the Whole Foods checkout line, which I think is RAD).

Kind words from Bari, from the acknowledgements:

No co-writer comes close to the one and only Miss Angela Raines. She is able to bring my voice into written form, enhancing the teachings along the way, beyond anything I could do or imagine. She honors my commitment to depth and playfulness, and truly values this body of work. {…} We have co-written all of my articles for years, now (and she also writes the copy for my website). A year into our collaboration, I could sense I had found “the one” to help me birth this book.

I’m not sure I have the words to describe how grateful I am for my collaboration with Angela. We were given a challenging timeframe for this book, and we did it: we birthed it together. I am forever grateful for her keen mind, creative spirit, brilliance with words, deep sense of practice, and wisdom beyond her years.
~ Bari Tessler | Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, and Creator of The Art of Money

I’m ridiculously proud of what Bari and I created together, and I’d love you to read it for yourself.

Grab a copy here

Wise, warm, and eloquently written.
~ Lisa Grace Byrne | Founder of WellGrounded Institute and Author of Replenish

Overflowing with love and wisdom.
~ April Benson | Author of To Buy Or Not To Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

The stories, the empathy, the clarity and the nitty-gritty come together in a beautiful alchemy of usefulness. I know I’m going to be recommending this book to our clients and community as a primary resource.
~ Mark Silver | M.Div. Founder & CEO, The Heart of Business.

Ghostwriting & Co-writing Services

Because these are such intensive, intimate endeavors, I’m exceedingly choosy about what projects I’ll take on. But if your work is about cultivating more wisdom and compassion and you place a high value on creative expression … let’s talk.

IT IS SO FREAKIN’ GOOD! I love the warmth and conversational nature of the writing. I feel like we are sitting on your couch and you’re telling me stories about how you got into this work and it’s just making me buzz. There’s this amazing blend of conversational speech with practical, educational nuggets that feel so easily digested, like you see me as SMART *and* can teach me what I don’t know. It feels like you’re on my level and see me as an equal, versus the typical talk-down and I’m-better-than-you verbiage/tone in so many money books. I obviously already feel this coming from YOU as a human, colleague, client, and friend, but to feel it POURING off the pages of your book? Truly a work of art you’ve crafted here, ladies.

It’s vibrating with LOVE and COMPASSION *and* educating and empowering all at the same time. TRANSFORMATIONAL — that’s what it is. 
~ Jessica Reagan Salzman | Founder, Heart Based Bookkeeping

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