This work asks everything of you.

And that's exactly why you love it.

You started this whole thing for love. 

To help people. To make a difference. To call the creative shots -- and, OK, to scamper off on an odd Tusday when the lilacs are can’t-miss gorgeous. These parts? We LOVE.

But making your heart's calling into a business? Brings you nose-to-schnozz with some real shit.  

Not just the tech stuff and tax stuff. The mascara-running-before-the-sales-call stuff. The close-to-the-bone-terror of whether you’ll make it, this month. The imposter syndrome, the martyr syndrome, the wounded healer baggage. 

And, right from Square One, there's the inconvenient, uncomfortable matter of WORDS.

How do you say what you do, with words that do it justice? 

This takes savvy AND heart. And it matters SO much more than you might think.

What words will convey the magic of what you do in non-icky, non-schmaltzy ways, so you can help people AND afford that Zen retreat in Bora-Bora?

You study "How to Write a Killer Sales Page!" -- but shoehorning yoursef into a template feels awful. And do you really have to poke people's "pain points"? Ick.

You require integrity. Attunement. Coherence.  

But you can't write more than ten minuts before realizing: vacuuming your entire house immediately is an earth-shattering priority.

#PROTIP: Writing about what you do isn't JUST sales. It's also an inner journey.

Because it'll immediately show you if:

  • Actually, you're NOT really clear on what magic you're serving up
  • You DON'T know your Right Audience as intimately as you thought
  • It's time to pivot your work to something more meaningful 
  • You're afraid to be seen -- or even valued
  • You're stuck in any number of self-sabotaging thought loops, emotions, or behaviors.

Writing doesn’t create these patterns. But it reveals them like a champ.

That's why this moment is such an opportunity. 

This isn't supposed to be easy. It's supposed to change you.

Mindful writing creates so much more than sales. It can help you: 

  • Articulate your work so clearly that you don't just sell it more -- you do it better
  • Face your resistance and learn what's on the other side
  • Deepen empathy for your readers (copywriting is all about shifting perspectives)
  • Amp up and de-sabotage your communication style 
  • Hone writing skills that’ll serve you everywhere: from lucrative proposals to last-minute birthday cards
  • Oomph up your confidence because you’ve nailed what’s most amazing about yourself and your work
  • Emerge more attuned with your calling than ever.

In short: it's a platinum opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

Writing about your heart's work can pack a transformative wallop. 

That's why I'm thrilled to introduce ... 

The Creative Combustion of Inner Growth + Sexy Words that Sell.

Learn the skills you need to connect better with your audience 

(ahem, raving fans) ... 

While being supported and lovingly nudged deeper along your personal growth journey.

So you can ... 

  • Know and claim your gifts (including the hard-won ones you're probably missing)
  • Hear from a pro what's really falling flat in your words 
  • Communicate what's amazing about your work -- even when the benfits are subtle, internal, intangible (there ARE ways!)
  • Stop ping-ponging from one "expert" and "how to" template to another -- and identify what YOUR growing edges are
  • Learn your habitual patterns of "going unconscious" in your work (and life!)
  • Discover your natural communication style: oomph up your gifts and avoid your hard-wired pitfalls, so your message comes across clear and coherent.

Our main tool: The Enneagram 

The Enneagram is a personality typology system with ancient roots and modern applications. It integrates psychology, spirituality, and somatics. When you know and begin working with your type, you see the water you’ve been swimming in your whole life: your natural gifts and how you get trapped in them. (I call that a “bad hair day of the ego.”) Basically, it’s a powerful transformational tool that helps you understand yourself and others better.  

I’ve used the Enneagram “under the hood” of my copywriting business since the very start. On one level, it’s a fabulous shortcut for writing personality-driven copy and connecting with readers of all sorts. But it really shines when we find ourselves in those deeper, tougher places — or up against a growing edge.  

With its emphasis on compassion and witnessing, it’s the perfect companion along the sticky, sacred journey of selling your heart-work with integrity. 

~ Join me for your choice ~  

Vox Fling  

A 3-week initiation into the Enneagram and your brand so you can share your heart-work in ooomphier, sweeter ways.  

~ Or ~ 

Vox Attune  

A 3-month reflective exploration. Emerge with resonant copy, self-awareness, + deeper intimacy with yourself + your raving fans. (Hop to it.)

A 3-week journey through your branding and personality so you can know thyself and share thyself in sweeter, savvier ways.  

  • Determine your Enneagram type. Knowing your type is huge and will serve you for years to come: in work, creativity, relationships, and spiritual practice. 
  • Double-down on your gifts. What’s the magic that comes so naturally to you, you barely notice? Amp this in your branding and offers, my friend!
  • De-sabotage yourself. Each type has patterns that hold us back. Find out what yours are — and how that might be sabotaging your copy and work.
  • In-depth analysis of your current branding. I’ll comb through your current copy, giving you specific suggestions on how to improve it.  

How we'll roll:

Step #1: Enneagram Typing Interview

How do you even know what type your are? Online tests are about 50% accurate, blerg. Instead, meet me for virtual tea and I’ll guide us through a specific process to help you uncover your type. It goes deep but feels spacious and is a ton of fun. At the end, I’ll tell you the top 2-3 types I hear and give you specific next steps to pick between ‘em over the next week. 

Step #2: Settling in Sesh 

We’ll reconvene to talk through all the new insights and questions you’ll have! This follow-up sesh is so helpful to help you talk through and settle into your type.  

Step #3: Moxiemaker Creative Branding Experience 

Gimme the full download on you, your work, your biz, and your audience. Simply filling out my intake is an education, since you’ll see some of the questions I ask myself when I write copy for clients. I’ll savor every word and comb through your current copy. Then we’ll met for a 90-minute creative combustion to talk through what’s working, what’s off, and how to push your branding (and personal growth) to the next horizon. You’ll also get a wrap-up doc with my big take-aways and suggestions, so you can start making your copy more aligned, attuned, and alluring right away.

Step #4. Voice and Themes Guide 

As a parting gift, you’ll also get a simple cheat sheet with best branding practices for your Enneagram type: themes to emphasize, blindspots to watch out for, and communication styles to amp up (or avoid falling into).  

Recap, please?  

  • Your Enneagram Typing Interview ($250 value)
  • Settling In Sesh ($175 value)
  • Full-blown reflective branding questionnaire ($150 value)
  • Moxiemaker reflective branding questionnaire + 90-minute consult ($550 value)
  • Voice and Themes cheatsheet for your type ($150 value)
  • Specific suggestions to move you forward in your branding, biz, and personal growth - LIKE ... $PRICELESS.

What’s it cost?  

Value: $1275.

Vox Fling Special Price: $975 (save $300) 

Ready to roll? 

Click the enticing red button and you'll be zapped straight to my scheduler to book your Enneagram Typing Interview.

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Or, if you're ready for the full, 3-month experience ...  

A 3-month bespoke journey through the Enneagram and contemplative copywriting.  

We’ll workshop your copy LIVE together. 

We'll geek out on your Enneagram so you don't just HAVE insights -- you know what to DO with them.

We’ll sweetly tell Resistance to go home 'cos she’s drunk. 

And you’ll get hands-on, heart-open practice actually implementing the self-reflection and copywriting skills that’ll serve you (and your work) for years to come.

What you’ll swagger away with:  

  • Know your Enneagram type. (Like: Biblically.) I’ll facilitate your discernment process, so you know what your type is — and explore your wings and subtype. 
  • Parlay your type into authentic, magnetic words. Embrace your gifts and quirks — and sidestep your type-based resistances and hangups.  
  • Amp up your gifts. Get personalized reflection on how the magic and gifts of your type are showing up in your work and website. (That’s way more helpful than reading abstract descriptions, huh?)  
  • Stop reacting against your type. This is such a common pitfall, when people first learn about the Enneagram! Embrace what you need, with compassion: whether that’s aesthetics or comfort and rhythm or solitude.  
  • Write copy that sounds like YOU, dahling. Authentic and brimming with personality. I’ll help you find your own words to capture what you do. Because your copy should sound like you, not me or anyone else. (But most people need help to sound like themselves. #NoShame.)  
  • Speak to all three Enneagram centers: head, heart, and gut. Most of us naturally lean into one center, but your audience needs to hear you speak to all three. This makes for better copy — and, frankly, more vivid days.  
  • Stop sabotaging your copy. Different types resist phenomenal copywriting in different ways, for different reasons. Learn about your type’s Defense Mechanism and how it’s holding you back (bless its heart).  
  • Learn what’s really up with “pain points.” Are they evil, essential, or irrelevant? Discover what the Enneagram’s three “conflict styles” can teach you about this, so you draw your readers in without sounding pushy or melodramatic.  
  • Catalogue your hard-won wisdom. Go beyond “superpowers” and embrace what’s been harder for you to learn, given your type. (This is the medicine the world wants from you!)  
  • Connect more deeply with your audience. Great copywriting is all about empathy, intimacy, and shifting your perspective. You can learn this. It is a practice. And it’s mega-helpful, far beyond the sales page.  
  • Learn exactly what steps I take to write great copy. There aren’t templates, but there ARE processes and primo practices. (Most of this is before I write the first word, btw.) I’ll spill the lima beans on what’s taken me EONS to learn.  
  • Live-workshop specific pages on your site with MOI. Ever wish you had a copywriter holding your hand while you wrote? Maybe a really sweet one who’d cheer you on and give you amazing pointers to help you bring your copy to life? HECK YES.  

That’s a lot! We might not have time for all of it in 3 months, so we’ll prioritize what you’re curious about and what’ll best serve you and your biz.  

How we’ll roll:  

1. Enneagram Typing Interview 

Before we can figure out how your Enneagram type can help you, we need to identify it. Online tests are notoriously inaccurate, so we’ll do an Enneagram Typing Interview: a rich, revelatory conversation in which I’ll help you narrow down your top 2-3 Enneagram types.  

2. Settling in Sesh

It takes most people a little while to really land on their Enneagram type. That’s why I love following up the Typing Interview with a Settling in Sesh. About a week after your Typing Interview, we’ll reconvene to chat through what you’ve noticed and you’ll get my help really settling into what type you lead with. 

3. Moxiemaker Branding Experience 

But wait, when are we gonna talk about your biz? Right now. You’ll get my full Moxiemaker intake questionnaire -- so you can walk yourself through the questions I ask myself, when I prepare to write copy for clients. I’ll do a thorough review of your intake and your website. Then we’ll over virtual matcha for a 90-minute consulting sesh, digging into your work as it currently stands — and initial suggestions for upleveling it. (With handy-dandy recap doc, cataloguing directions to shift your offerings and copy.)  

4. Contemplative Copy Coaching Sessions  

Resistance: she’s tricksy. You might be all psyched about a sexy, savvy new way to revamp your About page. But three days later, when you sit down to actually write it, Resistance show up, drunk on margaritas. Turns out, she hadn't disappeared -- she'd just been lurking behind a topiary, biding her time.

It's when you actually sit down to write that the hard stuff comes up: emotional resistance (related to your Enneagram type) -- AND the confusion about what makes for excellent copywriting.  

So this is exactly where I’ll hang out with you, guiding you to deeper places within yourself and more effective expressions of them.  

Because as a copywriter and Enneagram coach, I luuuuurve when Resistance shows up! She’s really just the gatekeeper to a breakthrough. (Unruly and obnoxious though she may be.) That's why I'm so ridonkulously excited to work with you in a more intimate, ongoing way. 

Bring your copy and I’ll help you work through it, on the spot.

Whether it’s a brand-new sales page, a shitty first draft, a mega-outdated brochure site, or even the terrifying blank screen.

You’ll learn the exact processes I use in coypwriting: the questions I ask myself before I start writing, best practices for creating emotional connection with readers, and more.  

You’ll be able to rely on these for years to come. And you’ll learn the truth: copywriting isn’t about fancy words, it’s about empathizing with your audience more deeply than ever before -- and getting inside of yourself and your offering.  

Most importantly, we’ll do this all in a reflective, contemplative, transformational container, thanks to the Enneagram. 

Is this, like, therapy?

No. Enneagram coaching does involve psychological work. But it’s all about what’s here-and-now: in your body, in your heart, in your world. And, for our purposes: in your business and on the page.  

Don’t get me wrong. We’ll go deep. But we won’t be dredging up old emotional wounds or shit from your childhood. We’ll stay present-moment. (That’s where the real magic of transformation lives, anyway.)  

If you’re game for the personal growth journey of facing yourself and your biz and your audience -- and you want expert help putting that into amazing copy (this takes eons to learn), this is for you.  

Can I get a recap?

This 3-month journey includes 12 one-on-one sessions: 

  • Enneagram Typing Interview ($250 value)
  • Settling In Sesh ($175 value)
  • Moxiemaker Branding Experience ~ full intake questionnaire, website review, 90-minute consult, and recap doc ($550 value)
  • Voice and Themes Cheatsheet for your type ($150 value)  
  • Personalized blend of private sessions, weaving together Enneagram, branding strategy, contemplative copy coaching and personal growth.  

What’s it cost?

Value: $3600

Vox Attune special price: $2997. (Save $600)

Want in? Let's Chat.

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Templates are for bots. Your heart's calling deserves better.

I'm Angela Raines, and for the past 8 years, I've been the wordsmith-behind-the-scenes for some incredible, purpose-driven, passionate entrepreneurs.

Writing copy is way more than slinging words. I've held spaces for my clients in the triumphant, tender, and tough moments that arise for all of us when we claim our gifts.

I witnessed so many of them have personal breakthroughs -- while others got mired in old, unhelpful patterns that kept them stuck: both professionally and personally.

I already knew and loved the Enneagram as a system for working through such shadows. So I doubled-down and became certified in the best school I could find. Now, after 10 years of personal study and 3 years of training and internship, I'm a Certified Enneagram Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition. And I can't wait to share the power of this system with you.

I am also a lay-ordained Zen monk, deeply informed by the Integral framework, and have been steeped in conscious business, creativity, and communication practices for many years. 

In the Vox Sessions, I'll walk beside you along a self-reflective journey that’ll help you connect more deeply with yourself, your work, and your audience. Along the way, you’ll learn powerful skills to help you make more money — with integrity and heart.  

“I have so many new revelations and deeper understandings about who I am, why I do what I do, and what a personalized spiritual growth path looks like for me. Through it all, Angela has held this process for me with care, gentleness, and a lively co-curiosity. If you're looking to grow personally and/or in your creative work or business, working with Angela would be a wise and delightful choice.”  

~ Abby Kerr, Writer and Marketer

"Angela’s copywriting comes from some cosmic place that may have been birthed by the junction of a master wordsmith and an alien who definitely grokked the big picture of our planet and its eccentricities. She’s the ONLY person (including me) whose words have not been altered by Gay Hendricks, my husband and resident wordsmith wizard. Angela inspires greater creativity, clarity and grounded connection with all kinds of audiences. And she’s quick in all senses of the word."

~ Kathlyn Hendricks, Best Selling Author, Director of Training, The Hendricks Institute

“Angela made the Enneagram come alive for me. If you have the chance to work with Angela, I highly recommend it. It’s given me so many insights into how I operate for better and worse and helps me see my tendencies and work with them instead of staying stuck in them. Life changing!"  

~ Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Spiritual Mentor & Consultant  

"I’m not sure I have the words to describe how grateful I am for my collaboration with Angela ... I am forever grateful for her keen mind, creative spirit, brilliance with words, deep sense of practice, and wisdom beyond her years."

~ Bari Tessler, Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, and Creator of The Art of Money

“Angela is much more than a 'copywriter.' She is magic. My gifts are in the abstract, and it felt almost impossible for me to communicate what I’m doing through words. Angela truly has a gift of channeling exactly what is wanting to be conveyed into a beautiful, flowing masterpiece of words. I didn’t know anyone could do what she does! Her words helped me to embody even more of what I am up to in the world, and I feel so grateful. 

~ Carey Dodson, Space Alchemist

"Angela doesn’t turn away or pull back from more difficult emotional material, but is able to stay present and assist folks in coming to a clearer understanding of their own behaviors and motivation. Her intellect and deep knowledge of the Enneagram shine! She consistently leads others to the territory of their Enneagram-type, with an open-mindedness that honors their capacity for discernment and self-exploration." 

~ Ronda Pretzlaff Diegel, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Enneagram Teacher and Coach  

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