The Enneagram doesn’t put you in a box. It shows you the box you’re already in and how to get out of it.  ~ Ian Morgan Cron 

This ain’t some rando Facebook quiz about what your favorite tea says about you or which Star Trek captain you should date (though: milk oolong and Jean-Luc Picard, all day).

The Enneagram is a practical yet utterly profound system of awareness and transformation.

When I discovered the Enneagram about ten years ago, I was utterly gobsmacked to read such an intimate portrait of my innermost world. I felt exposed … yet deeply seen. And strangely hopeful.  

What started as a superficial, often self-deprecating use of the system has deepened into a rich practice of spiritual growth, relational understanding, and nuanced communication … as well as an invaluable asset to my writing, branding, and coaching work.

I am a Certified Enneagram Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition, making me officially #toolegittoquit.

The Enneagram isn’t about what we do. It’s about why we do it.

The Enneagram reveals our underlying motivations to us — because even the most self-aware amongst us can be mysteries to ourselves.

Once we’re aware, we’re able to choose. And usually, with enough presence and practice, we make choices that are a little softer, a little bolder, a little kinder.

This is what I love about the Enneagram. It doesn’t just shrug and tell you, “shucks, you’re a Four, good luck with that existential ennui for the rest of your life!” It doesn’t doom you to your habits — it opens a pathway of transformation.

Enneagram Typing Interview

If you’re curious about the Enneagram, it all starts with knowing your type — and a Typing Interview is a damn fine way to kickstart that journey.

See, nobody can tell you your Enneagram type. You have to discover it for yourself. But a Typing Interview can make that discovery much easier and faster, richer and more rewarding. Plus it’s usually a blast.

Sure, you could take a multiple-choice test online or in a book. But they’re usually only about 50% accurate. After all: they can’t listen between the lines, ask clarifying questions, or notice how your body moves as you speak. And what if the test tells you the wrong type — what then?

In a Typing Interview, you’ll receive the benefit of my years of study and training as we spend a focused-yet-spacious hour together.


  • 1-hour (ish) video interview. I’ll guide you through a carefully crafted process that usually feels like a delightful (yet deep) conversation. By the end, I’ll share the top 2-3 Enneagram types I hear from you — and explain why.
  • Written recap + resources. Don’t worry about writing it all down. I’ll send you a thoughtful recap of your top types with my fave Enneagram resources to explore further (videos, websites, and books).
  • Via Zoom, from anywhere. Because insight knows no bounds.
  • Cost: $250.

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Angela displays the perfect combination of heart, head, and intuition. Without fail, her big heart, kindness, and capacity for emotional connection allows her to establish quick and genuine rapport with her interviewees. She doesn’t turn away or pull back from more difficult emotional material, but is able to stay present and assist folks in coming to a clearer understanding of their own behaviors and motivation. Her intellect and deep knowledge of the Enneagram shine! She consistently leads others to the territory of their Enneagram-type, with an open-mindedness that honors their capacity for discernment and self-exploration. Angela has a highly refined intuition about when to deepen her line of questioning and when to stay the course. On top of all of this skill, Angela’s humor, patience, and compassion – as well as a wealth of Enneagram resources – contributes to an interview that leaves each person feeling seen, understood, and eager to learn more.
~ Ronda Pretzlaff Diegel, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist & Enneagram Teacher and Coach

Enneagram Coaching for Seekers + Soulful ‘Preneurs

The Enneagram has given me an edge in my branding, writing, and consulting work from the very start.

Knowing a client’s Enneagram type offers me a privileged view into their inner world: their innate gifts, stylistic proclivities, and even potential blindspots.

Now, I’m delighted to pull my processes out from under the hood and work explicitly with this powerful system.

I straight-up love this system and anyone who’s willing to work with it is welcome here. But I’m especially excited to help entrepreneurs, since I’ve been immersed in all things biz-and-branding for 8 years and have gotten to know hundreds of you beautiful weirdos and how you tick.

Running your own business forces you to face your shit. When you put yourself out there, you have to get vulnerable, take risks, find your blindspots, honor your strengths, clean up your communication, and commit to the practical-yet-profound work of understanding yourselves and others. I love this about you — and can’t wait to show you how the Enneagram can take you further.

Enneagram + Branding for Soulful ‘Preneurs 

On the one hand, you’ll learn about your Enneagram type and how to work with it. On the other, you’ll get my profesh expertise on your branding and biz. Then we’ll throw these two together and bask in the fireworks! Includes:

  • Enneagram Typing Interview – To learn what your type is 
  • Moxiemaker Branding Brief – My in-depth questionnaire of pro copywriter questions so you and I both get to know your brand, voice, and audience better 
  • Deep Branding Consult – A 90-minute call where we dive into your brand, website, voice, and offerings and note the alignments and gaps between what you’re offering and what feels true to you  
  • A starter package of 3, 75-minute coaching calls to explore, combine, and creatively combust your branding and Enneatype.
  • Cost: $1250. {$1000 if you’re already 99% sure of your type and want to skip the Typing Interview.}

Most folks walk away with a better sense of who they are, what their work is really about, and how to put that all into persuasive words and well-branded practices.

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Enneagram Coaching for Creatives and Spiritual Practitioners 

This is for anyone who wants to know themselves better and enjoy a little more ease, freedom, and connection.

Because the Enneagram isn’t about what you do but rather your ingrained habits of attention and emotion, working with it can bring clarity, atunement, and empowerment to any and all areas of your life: from relationships to work to embodiment to spiritual practice.

I’m particularly excited to support you in the areas I’m intimately familiar with: meditation and spiritual practice, relationships and communication, health and wellness, writing and creative expression.

This intro package includes: 

  • Enneagram Typing Interview – to help you identify your type
  • A starter package of 3, 75-minute coaching sessions
  • Light recaps and resources between sessions
  • Cost: $775. {$525 if you’re already 99% sure of your type and want to skip the Typing Interview.}

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I signed up to do the Enneagram coaching with Angela and I’m so glad I did! It made the Enneagram come alive for me and become a really helpful tool to work with. I never would have been able to identify my type without Angela’s inquiry and insights. I saw myself in so many types I just got overwhelmed with how to narrow it down and without her would have given up on it as a tool. Instead, with her coaching, I kept digging deeper and finally landed on identifying my number. And then from there the insights kept unfolding. The number that Angela and I ultimately decided on for me was different than what I would have chosen for myself (although part of that was identifying with too many of the numbers at once) and it was different than what a few of the online tests came out for me as well. It was really essential to have a process and work with Angela through it to really land in my number.

If you have the chance to work with Angela, I highly recommend it. It’s given me so many insights into how I operate for better and worse and helps me see my tendencies and work with them instead of staying stuck in them. Life changing!

~ Elizabeth Mueller, Spiritual Mentor & Consultant


Enneagram-infused wordsmithing + personal growth for visionaries, dreamers, and creative connoisseurs.

In this intimate collaboration, we’ll tease out the gifts and challenges of your Enneagram type, identify how they show up in your work, and use this to create captivating copy. Simultaneously, we’ll support your personal growth as an entrepreneur through the somatic, psychological, and spiritual legs of the Enneagram system.

  • Enneagram Typing Interview ~ So you can start working with this powerful, profound system of self-knowledge and transformation
  • 3 Enneagram Coaching Seshes ~ To identify how the gifts + blindspots of your type show up in your work, so we can create finely attuned and magnetic copy (to be used at opportune moments throughout the experience)
  • The Moxiemaker Branding Brief ~ We’ll get to the heart of your branding with my in-depth questionnaire + 90-minute creative jam sesh, so we’re soul-shimmeringly clear on your audience, voice, and branding
  • The Maven Copy Package: I’ll wordsmith captivating copy that embodies it all. You get an integrated + robust mini-website’s worth of ooh-ahh words. Includes 4 key pages, plus generous fine-tuning and revising to get it juuuust right. (Need more pages? Enjoy a sweet discount.)
  • Investment: $4600.

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Questions? Outta-the-box coaching requests? Lay it on me.

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.