Wordsmithing, Branding, and Consulting with Soul

Don’t just Sell.  Charm.

I write all manner of web copy for soulful entrepreneurs and small businesses.  I help you express to entice by tuning into the subtleties that make your offers unique. Your prospects get to know you, and enjoy every witty, wakeful word along the way.

I offer customizable consulting and copywriting packages~
from the streamlined to the extravagant.

Among the lipsmacking benefits:

  • Refine your branding. Craft an integrated, irresistible message by honoring grand vision and subtle details.
  • Woo, flirt, and sell. Your prospects are delighted the entire way to “why yes, please.”
  • Get a fresh + discerning perspective on your work. Discover what’s uniquely, awesomely, and soul-satisfyingly yours.

Choose from these signature packages…

The Moxiemaker ~ A potent blast of message illumination and branding consultation.
The Maven ~ A robust mini-site’s worth of copy, with streamlined consulting to boot.
The Marquis ~ A luxurious, comprehensive wordsmithing + consulting experience.


Moxie: noun, def.: Can-do confidence, classy chutzpah, + magic-makin’ mojo.  A savvy, inspired spring-in-your-step that comes from creative clarity and passionate purpose.  A powerful consulting jumpstart.

You’ve got a vision. A dreamboat of a dream. You need a little savvy and sass to springboard it to life — without breakin’ ye olde piggy bank.

This oomph-a-riffic package is your golden ticket to the branding success express.  You get my lovin’ eyes on where you’ve been and my full attention on where you’d like to go.  Rooted in deep listening, with a generous helping of muse-coaxing, a sprinkle of strategy, and a side of fizzy lifting juice.

  • Prelude ~ I’ll do the savvy sleuthing and introductory question-posing so we hit the ground running.  You’ll answer fundamental questions, I’ll review your site (if you’ve got one).
  • 90min Creative Jam Sesh ~ Over phone, tea, or Skype, we’ll put our brilliant heads together.  I’ll ask you the juiciest questions — the ones that clarify your brand, illuminate the hidden gems, and make your site sing.  You’ll also get my take (if you need it) on navigation, strategy, and single malt scotches.  Among other things.
  • Instant Replay ~ You’ll get an mp3 recording of our jam sesh.  I’ll also give you a 1-2 page document highlighting the sweetest spots we’ve discovered.
  • Investment: $550.

Luxurious Listening. Revelatory Reflections. Immediate Impact.

{Psssst … also pairs well with an Enneagram Typing Interview!}

Sound good?  Sweet!  Contact me and we’ll get the mojo snowball rollin’.


Whether you’re launching a site for the first time or need a classy revamp, this streamlined package is a killer deal. Sparks fly, products sell, and you get an integrated website that fits just right. Includes:

  • 2 creative sessions with me. Great copy starts with deep listening. I pose provocative questions; your answers make your site sing.
  • 4 Pages of Web Copy. Most likely, we’ll craft you a swanky Homepage, flattering About page, and 2 additional inside pages.
  • 2 Rounds of Edits for each page — we’ll talk things through and get it Goldilocks-just-right.
  • Need more pages? You’ll get a sweet discount.
  • Investment: $4750 (payable in 2 installments.)

{Psssst … also pairs well with an Enneagram Typing Interview!}

Ready? Maybe? Wonderful! Contact me for all the details.


Enneagram-infused wordsmithing + personal growth for visionaries, dreamers, and creative connoisseurs.

In this intimate collaboration, we’ll tease out the gifts and challenges of your Enneagram type, identify how they show up in your work, and use this to create captivating copy. Simultaneously, we’ll support your personal growth as an entrepreneur through the somatic, psychological, and spiritual legs of the Enneagram system.

  • Enneagram Typing Interview ~ So you can start working with this powerful, profound system of self-knowledge and transformation
  • 3 Enneagram Coaching Seshes ~ To identify how the gifts + blindspots of your type show up in your work, so we can create finely attuned and magnetic copy (to be used at opportune moments throughout the experience)
  • The Moxiemaker Branding Brief ~ We’ll get to the heart of your branding with my in-depth questionnaire + 90-minute creative jam sesh, so we’re soul-shimmeringly clear on your audience, voice, and branding
  • The Maven Copy Package: I’ll wordsmith captivating copy that embodies it all. You get an integrated + robust mini-website’s worth of ooh-ahh words. Includes 4 key pages, plus generous fine-tuning and revising to get it juuuust right. (Need more pages? Enjoy a sweet discount.)
  • Investment: $6250.

Contact me for availability.

Out-of-the-box project? I can dig it.  Hit me up.


Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.