gay-katie-hendricksAngela’s copywriting comes from some cosmic place that may have been birthed by the junction of a master wordsmith and an alien who definitely grokked the big picture of our planet and its eccentricities.

She’s the ONLY person (including me) whose words have not been altered by Gay Hendricks, my husband and resident wordsmith wizard. Angela inspires greater creativity, clarity and grounded connection with all kinds of audiences. And she’s quick in all senses of the word. I plan to continue collaborating with Angela at every opportunity and highly recommend her!
~ Kathlyn Hendricks, Best Selling Author, Director of Training | The Hendricks Institute

Keith-Martin-SmithThere are writers, and then there are writers. You know, the kind that take what you labored on and somehow breathe soul into it, so that the words come alive on a page or screen. Angela is one of those rare writers who turns copywriting into an art, infusing it with such a strong personality that you’d swear her copy is actually speaking directly to you. When you look through her body of work, you can see how she makes her client’s words relevant and engaging, poignant and compelling, and all without you actually noticing. This is a rare gift.

And that’s just the work. There’s also the woman, who is kind and attentive and who listens every bit as well as she writes. She understands strategy and execution, and how to speak to your audience in ways you’ve never even considered. Her modesty and humility might fool you into not fully appreciating the brilliance and business-savvy which animates the work she does for her clients. In short: just hire her.
~ Keith Martin-Smith, Award-Winning Author, Professional Writer, and Consultant | Keith

IndigoBacalA visionary entrepreneur’s dream.

When I signed up for the Maven package I was a little concerned about investing what to me was a big chunk into my small business. I can now wholeheartedly say: this was the best investment I’ve ever made into both my life and my business. I am so glad I did!

Angela didn’t just take my ideas and make them sound great. She also helped me organize the entire vision for both my business and a big project. Without her, it would have take me many, many months just to get clear about what I was trying to say — and then, I wouldn’t have been able to actually say it with as much grace and web-friendliness as she was able to.

She was amazingly generous with her time and energy, and very patient with both my perfectionism and my emotional process about getting my message out to the world. She was FAST and RIGHT on with every page she wrote. She is a visionary entrepreneur’s DREAM. If you’re ready to clarify your message, get it out to the world, or amp up your web presence, you’ve GOT to work with her!

My one critique for her is: WOMAN, YOU’VE GOT TO CHARGE WAY MORE for your services!!!
~ Indigo Serenity Bacal, Maestra of Feminine Magic. Midwife of Your Magnificence

RyanOelkeHoly shit. It’s hard for me to say in a few words how valuable and mind-blowing working with Angela has been. On the surface she wrote a large amount of the copy on my website and helped me polish the rest of it. She is an AMAZING writer as you will be able to see for yourself.

Angela stuck through a grueling process with me to clarify who I am, what I’m about, what makes me tick and how best to say that to you and the world. No easy task, particularly because I’m a lover of words and subtleties, the variety of offerings I have and the challenge of making it all feel like a whole, plus as an artist, I’m a perfectionist. But let me tell you what rocked my world even more, and that’s saying a lot given how awesome her copywriting is: in her process she was able to help me not only clarify who I am, but discover myself in ways I didn’t know prior to working with her. In other words, I left knowing more about what I do and who I am than when I started.

Unbelievably awesome. I cannot recommend her enough.
~Ryan Oelke, Entrepreneurial Wizard, Consultant, Spiritual Guide, and Artist |

Bari TesslerAngela is a superstar…and your opportunity is now.

I stumbled upon Angela and holy moly am I one lucky lady to have found her.  Angela is not only personally lovely but a wizard of words.  She does it in a sincerely fun, authentic + inspiring (persuasive) style.  And, she writes in the voice of where my business is going.

We had a relatively short chat, she studied my current copy via tone and style, listened to one of my teleclasses and then quickly created copy for me for our first project.  It was a perfect match, my husband was impressed and my community really responded to her copy.

We have since moved on to many other projects…She is able to continue seamlessly in the same voice that my original copywriter initiated. She can speak the language of my work in a playful, safe, (lyrical) and authentic way for my community.  I need Angela and her copy writing at my disposal for almost every step of my business to thrive.  It is that simple.

Whether you are hiring her for one project or an ongoing basis, I would run (not walk) to start working with her.  She is a superstar… in the making…and your opportunity is now.
~Bari Tessler Linden, Financial Therapist, Life Coach + Mommypreneur |

forestlindenWithout hesitation, I refer anyone who’s looking for a great copywriter to Angela. She is simply wonderful to work with and what she does with words has always been stunning to me. Reading her copy is like watching a gentle mountain stream slide over well polished stones.

Angela has a gift with writing that is hard to come by: she listens deeply to what you want to convey, goes into her writing cave, and emerges with drafts that somehow express exactly what you wanted to express in precisely the voice you wanted them expressed in. I am unabashedly in love with her writing.
~Forest Linden, The Tech Husband

LeslieBioAngela is bright, genuine and kind and was the soul of the project. She engaged in deep, personal inquiry to help me identify key elements in the work I do. She kept digging deeper and asked questions which were invaluable in helping me hone my message. Without her clarity and focus, I’d have taken years to write this copy as I’d have gotten lost in my mind. She was able to pull out key points and identify crucial words and metaphors to connect with my audience.

The finished product was a lovely integration of beautiful prose and lucid copy which took my breath away in its accuracy. This is a woman who listens deeply and spins wheat into gold. I’d work with her again in a minute.
~ Leslie Hershberger, Enneagram and Contemplative Teacher

Myka-McLaughlinCompelling, personable, creative, sassy, vibrant, loving, revolutionary.

Signing a check for Angela’s premium package was not an easy thing as a startup. But honestly, her fresh copy, instinctive flair for creativity, and her exceptional professionalism made it easy to see that she would deliver results far beyond the price tag.

Now that we’re on the other side and I have Angela’s amazing copy in hand, I can confidently say that she delivered even more than I could have expected. She not only helped me craft my copy, but also helped me clarify my message, and make sure my website’s architecture, navigation, and language would all complement each other for the best impact possible. The copy she wrote for me is totally aligned with me and my business – compelling, personable, creative, sassy, vibrant, loving, revolutionary.

I couldn’t be more pleased. And working with Angela was a dream. She is seriously one of the most productive and organized women I know. I am infinitely grateful to her and cannot wait for my new copy to launch on my website. I would recommend her to any small business who is ready to authentically stand up and stand out in the market place!
~ Myka McLaughlin | WINC: Women in Community

Marcie GoldmanFriggin’ fantastic!
You saved me, again!
Way to harness what I wanted to say but couldn’t.
That’s why your job is sooo valuable.
This is hard shit for non-writers!
You made that sound easy-peasy.
Love you!
~Marcie Goldman, Nutritional Therapist

Michael-VladeckA samurai poet.

Angela is ridiculously gifted, skilled and smart — not just at distilling feeling, experience, strategy, information AND style into a simple, gorgeous and powerful flow of words, but also at getting the essence of who she is working with and what they are trying to convey. She was deeply invested in helping me get the feeling and meaning I wanted.

She knows herself deeply which means that she has the capacity to understand others deeply as well. And it was so frickin’ nice working with someone who I felt totally relaxed with, knowing that she had the insight to understand my not-so-simple visions. She’s a samurai poet who helped me express it all in a natural and profound way. I felt privileged to work with her throughout the entire process.
~Michael Vladeck, Counselor, Coach, Therapist

Corey deVosAngela is the seamless integration of the always-already awesome and the ever-awesomer awesome in a single nondual expression of awesomeness.

It seems that in the age of the internet, copywriters have sadly become a dime a dozen — that is, very cheap and very easy to find. It can be difficult trying to sift through the clamor of voices to find someone with genuine talent and charisma — someone who doesn’t just know her way around a keyboard, but actually has something to say.

Well, my friend, your search ends here. Angela Raines is an absolutely fantastic writer. Both deeply personal and highly personable, Angela writes with remarkable humor and grace. I greatly admire the care, clarity, and warmth that she brings to her work, as well as the depth of her experience and insight. Whether you are looking for effective marketing copy or in-depth columns exploring the great questions of our time, Angela Raines is your girl!
~Corey deVos, Editor, Writer, and Producer of Integral Life

SarahI am honored to have worked with her and am beyond grateful for the energy she’s infused into my business.

I felt incredibly safe in the company of Angela’s gentle yet deeply engaged presence. I felt her listening through her entire being, which supported me in diving deep into the heart of my full story. Especially those vulnerable and potent transformational experiences.

I was completely awe-struck upon reading her initial copy of my page. She had so eloquently yet dynamically captured the essence of: who I am, why I’m guided to do the work I’m doing, and how I’ve arrived at this place of Empowered Sensitive service. I hadn’t had the faintest clue how to tie each of these essential pieces together to craft engaging and authentic copy, but Angela sure did!
~Sarah Geier
| The Empowered Sensitive

RedmerShe is truly a wordsmithing ninja. Words can’t express my gratitude. And if they could, I would hire her again to write them down.”
~Mike Redmer |CEO, FleetCreature

David RiordanAngela is an exciting, creative writer. No matter how good we think our writing is, she always finds a way to make it better, more accessible and effective. I highly recommend her talents to anyone in need of outstanding communication.
~David Riordan, VP of Media, Integral Life

Mari-HeartWorking with Angela is beyond cool. Her capacity to synthesize information and artfully create spectacular copy is transcendental.

She occupies a unique niche that combines inspired intuition, intellect, insight, and entelechy. Just hire her.
~Mari Heart, The Genius Alliance

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.42.19 AMBefore Angela I had never worked with a professional copywriter. I was skeptical that someone else could grok the depth of what I was trying to express, maintain consistency with my authentic voice, and make the words sing and come alive to attract the audience I am wishing to reach. Angela did all of that with such grace and humility!

In our first conversation I felt the depth of her embodiment and capacity to listen for and draw out the heart of what I was standing in. It felt like such a relief to let someone so gifted do the copywriting, so that my time and energy could be devoted to the heart of the work I am here to do. What a blessing Angela has been!
Deb Zucker, N.D., LMP | Vital Medicine

audrey-hazekampAngela has the unique gift of combining direct clarity with spacious amusement. Her writing style invited me into my own website with curiosity and a sense of “wow, what’s next?” Working with Angela was a delight, with plenty of laughter woven into the process of creating fabulous web copy. I now have a site that is magnetic, informational, and provocative.
~ Audrey Hazekamp, Hendricks Certified Coach, Master Bodyworker | Wholeness in Action

Carmen-CoolIf you want the best, you want Angela.

When I signed up to work with a professional copywriter, I was nervous because this was my first website and I had a lot of fear about putting myself out there online for the first time. I wasn’t sure if someone could really understand the work I do and could write in a way that closely matched my own voice. I found the process of working with Angela reassuring, comforting and energizing. She listened carefully to me, and our interactions always left me feeling like she was totally in this with me.

When I first read the copy she sent me, my whole being vibrated with excitement because she nailed it and it was amazing to see my thoughts and ideas laid out so beautifully. I feel so proud of my website and the way my business is showing up in the world.

I’d HIGHLY recommend Angela because she has such mastery of language and both her work and her presence are infused with beauty. She is gracious, humble, soulful, and extremely talented. If you want the best, you want Angela.
~ Carmen Cool, Psychotherapist, Educator, Activist | Carmen Cool

Rachel-FisherBest investment ever.
I attempted to write my own copy for my website. My copy was BORING. It lacked color, pizazz, and I didn’t think it could captivate anyone. I found Angela and was completely intrigued with her services. It didn’t hurt that her website is sassy, seductive and completely captivated me. I decided to hire her, even though I was nervous about shelling out the dough.

Holy baby J – it was SO worth it! My copy bloomed from ho-hum and puny to SHAZAM spectacular! Her words brought the vision of my business alive. She captured my voice and style like a frickin’ ninja with her fabulous and insightful questions. These questions were super fun to reflect on and answer and left me knowing myself a whole lot more. It was deep. The writing she did for me is a true work of art. Angela is a true copywriting shaman! She is attentive, thoughtful, and captivating. She is the type of person that not only has mad copy writing skills, but is so personable, warm and interesting that you are hoping to be friends with her by the end of the session. Best investment ever.
~Rachel Fisher, Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine Practitioner | Compassionate Medicine

Miriam-MartineauI’m a picky perfectionist who, in working with Angela, actually and thrillingly felt met, supported, and lifted. What a relief and delight!

Before working with Angela I hadn’t ever considered engaging a professional copywriter. I had done my own writing for years, but I was tired of doing it all myself. Even though I liked my “voice,” I was ready for new eyes, a fresh way of saying what I wanted to say. It felt risky. It felt invigorating. It felt like the right time. And from the moment Angela and I stepped into a working relationship, it was absolutely gratifying!

I still don’t know how she does it, but this woman has a true gift:
she asks the right questions, the ones that make you say more than you knew, that open up discovery and nuances, depths and clarity you haven’t even yet articulated.

And she listens. Truly listens. Not just to what you’re saying, but to what you mean. Not just to the words, but to the spaces between the words. She listens for where the words come from inside of you.

And then… off she goes “into her writing cave.” She renovates with her laser-like magic wand, warm intelligence, love of words, and that unique listening capacity. The resulting copy communicates with warmth, graciousness, clarity and creativity. It gets what you wanted to say across to the audience you want to reach in a way they will hear and that feels like your authentic voice!

On top of that: Angela is a delightful person, charming, reliable, consistent, and on it. I love her for who she is and what she does. A perfect combo. Highly recommended!
~ Miriam Mason Martineau, Vice President, Next Step Integral

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.30.47 AMI’ve worked with other copywriters before, but no experience has carried with it the attention to detail and special touches Angela’s Shazzam Sesh includes. From the initial call to the wrap-up session, everything flowed beautifully.

Angela has a wealth of knowledge, beyond sexy, savvy copy. When I talk about the Enneagram + spiritual practices — or — bourbon, burlesque, and BBQ, she knows what I’m talking about. And when I gave her resources that thought would help her understand me at a deeper level, she graciously took the time to pour over them. The results Angela produced was like a warm batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies baked up especially for me! I could not recommend her work more highly.
~Kerrie Blazek, Pleasure Catalyst + Life Strategist | In Her Element

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