Phenomenal copy does more than sell.
It charms your readers.
And it changes you.

I help passion-driven entrepreneurs build bridges to their right people with sexy, sexy words. And understand themselves better, along the way.

Because the web doesn’t need more empty razzle-dazzle. It needs your true devotion — made scintillating.

Open me … 

Artful tips on connecting better —
to your self, The Mystery, and your raving fans.

Zapped to your inbox. Because you’re too far away to tango. (But only literally.)

Strut your stuff like the million megawatt combustion of magic you are.

I listen between the lines. Hunt down those sparks. And reflect ’em back to you and your audience.

{It’s super fun.}

Words that do you justice

Killer-diller copy presents you at your most flattering and true. We'll infuse your message with wit, wakefulness, and ultra-potent clarity.

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Enneagram Coaching

Wanna know thyself? This profound + practical system is used in boardrooms, bedrooms, and meditation halls. {And pairs with branding like a transcendent Bordeaux.}

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OK, fine. I’m a snob.

I write under the influence of fine Japanese incense, jasmine tea, and sweet wanderlust. The pleasure's mine, and I love to share.

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Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.