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Angela 238

I’m obsessed with understanding.

As a little girl, I fantasized about a contraption that could help one person really understand what someone else meant. See, as much as I love words, I’m sensitive to the oceans of meaning that flow just beneath the surface of language.

What if we could transmit vivid felt senses and worldviews? How many arguments would this unravel? How many love affairs would it start? 

(In case you’re wondering, the device I envisioned was like a steampunk tin can on a string. But with twiddly bits and poetic oomph. I’m not entirely convinced someone won’t invent it someday.)

I’ve spent most of my life funneling this devotion to understanding into the skillful use of language: especially to bridge the gap between your world and mine.

I gave English lessons to our Nicaraguan neighbor. (I was three.) Walt Whitman, Proust, and e. e. cummings were my teenage crushes. And I spent many years immersed in French literature, including two rich, rowdy, revelatory years studying in France.

But that dream of deeper understanding stayed alive within me.

Sometimes? We have to risk everything for our dreams.

In 2010, I moved to Boulder with only what fit in my vintage Camry. I completed an editorial internship at Elephant Journal and learned what it takes to make words sticky, online. I worked at Integral Life (an unbelievable dream-come-true for this Integral theory nerd). I honed my communication and connection skills. I sat Zen retreats with a wild, compassionate coyote of a Roshi. I defrosted my childhood dream … and became a professional writer.

Since then, I’ve written words for hundreds of smart, soulful entrepreneurs, all of whom are waking people up, in some way. Most notably, I’ve been Bari Tessler Linden’s co-writer for the past 8 years, and co-wrote her award-winning book, The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness. 

I’ve also become a Certified Enneagram Practitioner in the Narrative Tradition. 

I like to see myself as a seductive megaphone for amazing people who are making a difference in the world.

Turns out? We don’t need to invent a contraption to deeply understand each other … when we become it.

Ways we can work together: 

Enneagram Coaching + Typing Interviews

In my quest for understanding multiple worldviews, one of THE most helpful tools I’ve found is the Enneagram. This system is more than just a typology: it blends somatics, psychology, and spirituality in a practical-yet-profound pathway of transformation.

Thanks to my professional training with the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, I’m now offering Enneagram coaching for entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike.

Enneagram goodness

Wordsmithing + Branding Consulting

All of my clients are devoted to waking people up in some way: directly, through coaching, healing, or spiritual growth — or through backdoors like our relationship to money, sex, food, and work.

I love helping people translate their passion into copy and content because I get to listen just beneath the surface of what they say … and turn it into clear, playful language. The kind that doesn’t just sell but captivates … and just maybe jolts the reader into a little more wakefulness, a little more delight, a little more hope.

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9 teensy tidbits about me

  1. By the time I turned 36, I’d had 36 addresses.
  2. I spent a tent-less night in a rock quarry in the Sinai. The shooting stars were life-changing.
  3. I cannot stand templates and formulas for web copy. Never. Gonna. Do it.
  4. I will drop everything for Rachmaninoff.
  5. I’m a lay-ordained Rinzai Zen monk. My dharma name, Anshin, means Peaceful Heart.
  6. My Mom swears I didn’t have a first word, but a first sentence: “I love you.”
  7. I used to dream in French. Sometimes I still do.
  8. We lived in Florida when I was wee, so all my childhood memories are filled with rainbows and ocean sparkles.
  9. My most beloved hobby is Argentine tango. Part embodied meditation, part creative expression, and part non-verbal communication … all while wearing sexy heels? I’m in.

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Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.