Indulge your curiosity?  But of course…

Angela 238

I’ve got sassy-strong opinions on words, integrity, and most beverages.  I light up talking with smart, passionate entrepreneurs about their vision. Putting these visions into clear, playful language that sells is my favorite kind of tango.

Captivating copy simply makes my day better.  Yours, too?  I think the web should shimmer with inspiring, wakeful words. Evolutionary entrepreneurs deserve a revolution of whimsy, sass and sky-scraping conversion rates.

I grew up surrounded by books, steeped in tales of etymology and savoring bouts of linguistic fancy. One Thanksgiving my family had a heated debate over the Oxford comma that rivalled any political skirmish.

As a teen, my linguistic passions shifted from English to French.  I swooned over Proust and tittered over subjunctive syntax. I eventually spent two rich, rowdy, revelatory years studying in France. Among other things, I learned to appreciate the smelliest of cheeses, smoke cigarettes with wistful angst, and be completely at ease having no clue what’s going on.

After years of romanticism a strange pragmatism surged through me.  With playground abandon, I delved into the most rigorous pre-med courses I could find.  Practicality and logic became deeply sexy.  Yet my penchant for poetry remained unshakable: classmates shook their heads as I waxed on about how elegant–nay, sensual–I found integral calculus.

In 2010 I took my biggest leap yet.

I donated all my possessions–save what fit in my vintage Camry–kissed my friends and family goodbye, and moved to Boulder. (Turns out, this happens more often than you’d think.) A year later, the payoffs of this risk have me unspeakably grateful.  I completed an editorial internship at Elephant Journal and learned all about making writing sticky and working social media for great causes.  I have the best friends a girl could hope for.  And I became so happy that I dared to remember what I wanted to be when I grew up: a writer. Thanks for playing with me as I live that dream.

11 Tasty, Quirky Bits

  1. My hometown, St. Louis, has been designated “most dangerous city in America” two years in a row. I’m strangely proud of the street cred this gives me.
  2. I’ve seen shooting stars in the Sinai, listened to Brahms in Vienna, and eaten figs in Israel. All 3 made me cry.
  3. After waiting tables for 7 years, I had the honor to serve Sir Patrick Stewart. A (somewhat closeted) Trekkie, I’ll never forget what he ate.
  4.  My Mom swears I didn’t have a first word, but a first sentence: “I love you.” The older I get, the more I believe her.
  5. I see no reason to go a single day without chocolate.
  6. I do things all the way or not at all. It’s one of my most troublesome strengths.
  7. I used to dream in French. Sometimes I still do.
  8.  I’m a total nerd about classic cocktails.
  9.  When I was little, we lived in St. Petersberg, so all my childhood memories are filled with sparkling ocean and rainbows.
  10.  My first concert ever was Michael Jackson’s Bad tour. You’ve never seen a happier 5-year-old.
  11. I study with the most bad ass Zen teacher I could find. I’m grateful every day for his insight and skill.

You’re fascinating, too–I can tell.  Wanna play?