The Verve-Master

Frankly, my dear, you DO give a damn.

And your sales page should show it.

You’re not lazy. (Goodness knows: you can hustle.)

And you’re certainly not careless. (Your clients get every ounce of thoughtfulness you can muster.)

You’re even a pretty decent writer — when the mood strikes.

But so help you Godiva, drafting your own sales page has you seriously considering burning it all down, buying a wig, and running away to Tahiti.

You love what you do. You know it inside ’n out. So why’s putting into words so flingin-flangin hard?

Shouldn’t the words “just flow”?
(Um, no.)

Industry secret? You’re the LAST person who should write your copy.

I know, you want it to sound like you. (And it should!)

But writing:
— Captivating, delightful sales copy
— For the web
— That speaks directly to Your Right People
— And conveys the depth of your offer
— While charming, persuading, and MAKING THAT LOOT …

… This demands a hyper-specific set of skills.

And not just the wordsmithing kind.

I’m talking high level, perspective-leaping ninja-ry. Strategic + empathic + imaginative virtuosity.

Plus a mega-dose of a particular brand of crazy that’s willing (OK, weirdly thrilled) to revise syntax and tweak verbs and dissect the flow of a page until every last cow comes home (and maybe another three hours after that, just for good measure).

This? Is ZERO percent your job.

The savviest ‘preneurs I know, know the value of pro copywriting.

Because sometimes, knowing your work inside ’n out makes it harder to put into words.
Plus, you’ve got clients to wow and marketing podcasts to rock and Iron Chef to catch up on.
Banging your head against a keyboard isn’t helping you, your clients, or your cashflow.

I want better for you + your words.

I want you falling asleep reassured your website’s working hard for you, wowing and making sales, while you get much-needed Zzzz’s.

I want your sales copy to be so flattering-ly YOU, your brother-in-law calls up and says, “holy cow, THAT’s what you do? Props.”

I want your words to make people smile, think differently, and maybe get a smidge more enlightened. (And enthusiastically click “buy” and brag about it to all their friends, of course.)

Words. Freakin. Matter.

That’s why your sales copy shouldn’t be an afterthought, a weekend DIY project, or something you farm out to Fiverr.

Because the difference between “meh, that’s nice” and “OMG SHE GETS ME I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW” … is spot-on copy.

That’s why I created this copywriting package … for when your words matter most.

~ The Verve-Master ~

A potent, precise copywriting experience so your ultra-important sales page communicates its true depth and value … and compels your Right People to swoon … and click YES.

What you’ll walk away with:

One. Exquisitely crafted. Sales page.

I don’t mean a barebones, just the facts, Jack kinda page. (Those have their time and place, but this isn’t it.)

This is for your high-leverage offer. Your luxury package. Your 3-month program. Your Signature Thing. The offer that, if you sold it the way you wanted, you’d be financially set next quarter. The immersion you’re so excited about. The page you’d love to do the bragging for you.

Typically, these pages are 1100 – 4500 words long. So, NOT the dreaded long-form sales page. (Gag.) But definitely longer than quickie Services page. Richer, more luxurious, and expertly crafted, too.

Depending on your specifics, this page needs:

  • Emotionally driven sections that speak directly to your Right People
  • Value-driven (and values-driven) descriptions of your offer
  • A miniature bio section (so readers get and love you, even if they don’t click over to your About page)
  • Enticing Curriculum or What’s Included sections
  • FAQ section (to deftly address their final objections)
  • Expert placement of testimonials and Buy buttons (plus way better words than “Buy” for your buttons, by the way).

How we get this just right:

1. Prelude Questionnaire. I’ll guide you through the questions you didn’t even realize you needed to answer, so I can get inside your Right People’s worldview … and speak straight to them about you and your offering’s true value. (This is deeply illuminating for you, too!)

2. Creative Jam Sesh. I wanna hear YOU: in all your opinionated, unscripted glory. We’ll spend 90 minutes over virtual tea, so I can tease out the nuances that’ll make your copy sing.

3. Refinement. Fabulous writing? Requires fabulous revising. That’s why you’ll get up to two full rounds of revisions after your initial draft. And don’t worry: I know that sometimes you can feel something needs to shift, but can’t quite explain it in an email. That’s why we’ll hop on Zoom together, so I can listen between the lines (one of my superpowers) and talk it through. Because you deserve pitch-perfect copy.

What it costs: $2500, payable in 2 installments.

It was like Angela opened up a door in my head, looked around in my brain, said, ‘Yep, got it!’ and then wrote exactly that. Working with Angela was a total delight. She’s awesomely talented, can seemingly effortlessly intuit/distill the essence of who I am/what I’m offering into something elegant, fun (and funny), sassy and yes, sexy. It was beyond what I’d hoped–it was like I was seeing ME in writing, only better. 

— Lynn Cornelius | Artist, Teacher, Good Witch

Connect with me here &

get the words with verve your work deserves.

Intuitive, awesome and a delight to work with. Your ability to convey exactly what I wanted, only better, has gotten me new clients, and a desire to work with you even more.

— Loren Smith | Integrative Psychotherapist

When you put your whole heart into what you do …
your copy can’t be skin-deep.

Damn Fine Questions

How much of a say do I get in my copy?

This is YOUR copy, and you should love it. AND I might notice fresh themes, articulate surprise benefits, or suggest new directions you haven’t considered. (That’s part of what you’re paying me for, right?) But we have plenty of face-time to talk it through and get it just right for you. Some copywriters never do a live intake chat and handle 100% of the process via email. (This boggles my relationship-wired brain!) My process is much more collaborative and co-creative.

How long does the process take?

This depends on a few factors, including your schedule and mine. I’ll talk through timeframes for your particular project directly with you. The good news is, as soon as you book your Verve-Master, I’ll send along your Prelude Questionnaire, so you can get started filling it out right away.

What if I want MOAR copy?

This might be the perfect time for some additional wordsmithing: snazzy sidebar widgets, homepage sliders, an email sequence, etc. I’m happy to talk this through with you and customize a package for you.

Plus, once you’ve done a Verve-Master with me, you’re welcome to hire me for other copywriting and wordsmithing projects (which only repeat clients get access to).

What if I’ve got more questions?

No prob. Contact me and we’ll talk it through via email — or hop on the phone for a free, 20-minute Get to Know Chat, if needed.

Strutting your stuff with soul, depth, and authentic artistry isn’t vanity.
It’s your devotion, made visible.
It’s your message, made magnetic.
It’s your calling, ringing true.

Sell what you love … with words that do it justice. Click-click.

Angela asked really deep questions and then really listened to my answers! Then she magically captured it into words that rang so true to me and at long last (I’ve hated my website for years and feared trying to rewrite it would result in more of the same mush) captured more of who I am and what I am offering than ever before – thrilling, jumping up and down, so excited to be welcoming this new fresh copy onto my website!!! When I shared it with a few close friends, it was WOW’ed and the question was – How did she capture you so well??

I’d highly recommend working with Angela, especially for those who may be a little wobbly about their message, as she can really help you claim it and share it with the world in a way that is fresh, bright and enticing.  You’ll feel a big sigh of relief when you read about yourself in new copy!

Elizabeth Joy Mueller | Spiritual Mentor

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.