Awesomesauce recommendations …

from my heart to yours. xoxo

If you’re a ‘preneur on a mission, you’ll dig these top shelf products & peeps. You + Them = Win!

PowerUp Productions

If you gave this girl her druthers, she’d only build websites with these rockstars. If you need web design, development, or creative direction, you need to meet these people.

Gravity Forms

You guys. Seriously. This is some of the best stuff ever. Gravity Forms makes it easy to create contact forms with all sorts of drop-down menus, radio buttons, questionnaires, and shiny twiddly bits. Plus, it’s cavewoman-tested (ahem, that’s me) so you know it’s incredibly easy to use. Channel your inner office supply junkie and have a nerdtacular time. All while making your site mo’ betta.

The Tech Husband

Forest Linden is one of the sweetest geeks I know. He’s got a phenomenal video training course that guides you through the tech wilderness so you can take your business to the next level of win. Plus, plenty o’ free tips ‘n tricks to make your tech mumbo jumbo easy peasy. Drop a love bomb on your bizz!

Go forth and do great things!

And if you need some wordsmithing ninja-ry along the way, you know who to call!

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.