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The REAL Reason You Have No Daggone Clue How to Write Your About Page

(And no, you don’t need a new thesaurus.)

Creative entrepreneur riddle du jour:

If your About Page is about YOU — why’s it so impossible to write?

Seriously: how many times have you started writing your website, only to wake up in a pile of ice cream sandwich wrappers? 

Worst of all: not only do you have your shame-trash to take out, you’re still stuck with that outdated, lackluster copy you KNOW doesn’t convey the magic of what you do. (Let alone convert readers into fans — and buyers.)

Lemme spill the pinto beans on why writing your own website is so hard. 

  • It’s NOT because you’re a bad writer. (I don’t believe in that. #Growthmindset, baby.)
  • It’s NOT that you need a new thesaurus or playlist or rainclap of inspiration so you find juuuuust the right words.
  • And it’s NOT that you need yet another template or marketing course or how-to blog.

After 8 years of working with tons of amazing, creative, purpose-driven entrepreneurs on their web copy, here’s what I’ve learned:

Writing your own web copy is dang-near impossible because you don’t know yourself as well as you think.

Hard to believe, I know! Because if you’re in my orbit, chances are you HIGHLY value self-reflection, self-awareness, and knowing thyself. You’ve probably even dream journaled in a desert or two.

But writing your web copy requires you know yourself in very specific ways, at a very deep level.

Because when YOU are the face of your business — not some skateboarding tiger or fictional pigtailed girl — you have to tell the world:

This is who I am. This is what I stand for. This is what I care about so effing much, I abandoned the security of regular paychecks to share. Because my soul wouldn’t have it any other way. And here’s my heart, on my virtual sleeve.

Done well? This kind of web copy will give your readers shivers.

But it’s exceptionally difficult to write about yourself in this way … because first, you have to SEE yourself with this kind of clarity.

And you can’t see yourself … without a trustworthy mirror.

That’s why — cure the trumpet fanfare —I created The Vox Sessions.

This brand-new way to work with me combines sharp copywriting skills AND deep personal reflection. So you can:

  • Do the self-awareness work you actually need to write your own killer copy 
  • Know what the heck to put on your About page and beyond
  • Hear personalized recommendations for what direction your voice + branding need to go 
  • Learn what’s working on your current copy, what’s missing, and what’s meh
  • Milk this entrepreneurial journey for all the self-reflection and personal growth it’s worth.

You’ll get my copywriting expertise PLUS deep inner growth work through the Enneagram: a powerful personality typology system that’s used in Fortune 500 companies and sacred awareness practices, alike.

I know people’s budgets and timelines vary, so can choose your adventure:

1. The Vox Fling: A 3-week initiation into the Enneagram and your brand.

2. The Vox Attune: A 3-month journey of self-reflection and resonant copy.

I’m closing my Spring availability soon, but I have a few spots left. And the next couple to get snatched up get a sweet discount, so hop on it!

Click here to snag your very own Vox Session.

Because let’s face it: when you stay stuck with your copy, you’re leaving buckets of money on the table. Not to mention depriving yourself of deeply enriching personal growth.

You CAN write magnetic copy that sells with authenticity. But it’s an inside job, first and foremost. 

I’d lurve to show you how.

Book your Vox Session now.



P.S. Not sure if it’s right for you? Drop me a line here and let me know the questions on your mind-grapes. (Bonus points if you catch that reference.) I’ll get right back atchu!

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I’ve got sassy-strong opinions on words, integrity, and most beverages. I help soulful entrepreneurs get clear on their vision and unique gifts. Wordsmithing all this into witty, wakeful web copy is my favorite kind of tango.

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