Shazzam Sesh

Need Some Creative Badassery, Stat?

Take Your Words from “Ho-Hum” to “Hot Damn!”

You: Gave your web copy a solid try — really. You picked up some tips from your fave creative ‘preneurs and tried to sound like them … while somehow still sounding “authentic” … and hooo boy, that’s a pickle, innit?

And even though your neighbor’s-best-friend-Nancy-who-sells-stuff-online promises you your copy is “just fine,” you know it needs that magical MORE factor. Because you love the sh*t out of what you do. Like: if people could get it, they’d see it’s kinda life-changing. (Not that you’d ever admit that before your third snardonnay, of course.)

You know you need a wordsmithing pro to swoop in, polish the rough spots, spice up the sparse bits, and bring it to life.

Oomph-i-fy. De-blah. Awesomize. So your love shines through (and sells too, dagnabbit).


I: Got you, boo. Over the last 7 years, I’ve honed my intuitive and wordsmithing chops. I specialize in helping outta-the-box creative ‘preneurs put their unique wow factor into words. Healers, doulas, therapists, intuitive eating coaches, Jungian dream analysts, and even enlightened bookkeepers. (I only use my powers for good.)

I love helping you help other people. So let’s draw out your fabulouslesness — and get it on the screen.

We: Are gonna rock this thing. Just you watch.

I still don’t know how she does it, but this woman has a true gift: she asks the right questions, the ones that make you say more than you knew, that open up discovery and nuances, depths and clarity you haven’t even yet articulated.

And she listens. Truly listens. Not just to what you’re saying, but to what you mean. Not just to the words, but to the spaces between the words. She listens for where the words come from inside of you. I love her for who she is and what she does. A perfect combo. Highly recommended!

~ Miriam Mason Martineau, Vice President, Next Step Integral

You’ve got the Parliament.  I’ll bring the Funkadelic.

What this thang is:

A soulful dust ‘n polish of your most crucial web pages. Because you don’t need to reinvent any wheels, here — you just need a pro to breathe some life into your words. (And personality and non-icky persuasion.) We’ll put our heads and hearts together, get clear on your gifts, and I’ll put my wordsmithing ninja-ry to work on a select few of your most important pages — lickety-split style.

How it works:

Step One: Spill your story onto my Prelude Questionnaire. (This goes deep, fast.) I’ll pore over your answers and your current copy, so we hit the ground dancing.

Step Two: Meet me over virtual tea for our 90-minute Creative Jam Sesh. I’ll clarify my curiosities so I have everything I need to write — all while listening intently for your unique voice, personality, and mannerisms.

Step Three: I retreat to my Writing Cave* (only slightly metaphorical) where I’ll fine-tooth-comb your site, adding potent pop, strategic spice, and expert sprinkles of wordsmithing love. The goal? Speak directly to your Right Audience, while staying true to YOU. You’ll also get a mini-guide to your new copy (explaining what I did and why), along with my top recommendations for any tools, resources, or next steps.

Step Four: Once you’ve read your new copy (and swooned!) we’ll reconvene for another hour for quickie, last-minute tweaks, high fives, warm fuzzies … and so you can pick my brain about any next steps or burning branding questions.

The Benjamins: $1500. Yep, that’s it!


  • You deserve copy you adore.
  • Your Right People are just waiting for the right words.
  • Being savvy and successful means admitting when something’s NOT in your wheelhouse — and getting the support you need.
  • If you’re seeing this message, it’s a rare-blue-super-moon when I’m not booked (and I’ve probably got all of 2 spots open).
  • Magnetic copy must be true to you.
  • In this super-saturated, crazy-noisy online world? Words matter.

Oh. My. God. I want to French kiss your copy. I want to squeeze it like chocolate onto two scoops of vanilla ice cream and bliss out with the flavors.

~ Forest Linden | Clarity Lab

Let’s get you scrumptious copy that works.

(Clickety click.)

I’ve worked with other copywriters before, but no experience has carried with it the attention to detail and special touches Angela’s Shazzam Sesh includes. From the initial call to the wrap-up session, everything flowed beautifully. The results Angela produced were like a warm batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies baked up especially for me! I could not recommend her work more highly.

~Kerrie Blazek, Pleasure Catalyst + Life Strategist | In Her Element

Ready, Freddie? Snag your spot right here.

*Sorry, clients aren’t allowed in my Writing Cave. It’s just me, exquisite green tea, and Thelonious Monk. Trust me, it’s better that way.

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.