Shazzam Sesh: The Nitty Gritty

Just The Facts, Jack

Everything you wanted to know about the

Shazzam Sesh — but didn’t think to ask…

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.

If you haven’t seen the main description for this radically awesome offer, ’tis right here. (Seriously: it’s a fun read. Check it out.)

Now: on to my As to your FAQs:

How do I know if a Shazzam Sesh is right for me?

Awesome question! Here’s the deal: if you want original copy from scratch (that is, you pretty much hate everything about your current copy), you should sign up for a Maven or Marquis package instead. We’ll start at the beginning and create everything you need.

If, however, you’ve already put a good amount of work into your copy (the old college try) and still aren’t happy with it ‘cos it needs some extra spice and love from a pro, then The Shazzam Sesh is calling your name! Think of it this way: it’s like you already have a car you love and you know where you want to go — you just need a new paint job and some loving detail work to show it off.

We’re all professionals here, yes? So be honest: if you think you need to start at the beginning with original copy, we’ll work something out.

What do you need from me before we get started?

I love that you think ahead!

  1. Payment (due when you book).
  2. My robust intake form (due 3 business days before Our Big Three Days). Don’t worry: you already know all the answers!
  3. A general idea of which pages/pieces of copy you’d like me to re-work, and which to prioritize. If you want your About page reworked, I have a separate intake form for that, so I want to make sure to send it your way before we get started.
  4. As much enthusiasm and open-mindedness as you can muster!

How much copy can I expect in three days?

Honestly, it depends — but I’ll be as specific here as possible. You might have one ginormous 13-page sales document that you want finessing — that could take the entire time. Or, you might have 8 super-short web pages that all need wee dashes of strategic wordsmithing. It’ll probably be something betwixt and between. Your current site (and I say this with love) might be an utter disaster and need major reworking (which will mean slower going). Or, you might be soooo close (which means faster going).

Bottom line: Best not to think about it in terms of the number of pages or pieces we’ll rework, but rather the number of hours you’re hiring me for. That is: this is my “three day rate” for new clients, with a tip-top structure to make everything flow like buttah.

How do these days unfold?

Our work together is a 4-day mini-week, typically Tuesday through Friday. Here’s how we roll:

  • Day One: Kickoff. We’ll meet via phone or Skype for a 90 minute Creative Jam Sesh. This is where we discuss the intake documents you’ve so graciously sent my way, fill in any gaps, chat priorities, etc. It’s also a chance for me to observe how you talk so I can make your copy sound more like you.
  • Days Two-Three. I’ll take everything to the Writing Cave (and heart) and work my magic. I live your brand during these days. We might go on walks together. We’ll definitely tango. You might get an email from me here or there with a quick question — so I ask that you be available via email during most this time.
  • Day Three, late: I’ll emerge from the Writing Cave with your new copy, along with personalized recommendations for strategy, products, peeps, and other twiddly bits. I’m a night owl, so these may come late.
  • Day Four, morning: Look over your new copy. Swoon. Gasp. Think up questions for me.
  • Day Four, mid-morning or afternoon: We’ll reconvene via Skype to chat about the work we’ve done. We’ll share

Ugh, those times don't work for me!

Don’t stress. We can work something out.

Just let me know what you need, and if I can make it happen, I will!

What if I want more, more more?

Well, I’m awesome — so there’s a good chance you will! But seriously: this is just three days, so I might not be able to rework all the copy for your entire brand/launch/site/plan-to-take-over-the-world. If we wrap the days and you’re thrilled but want even more, you’ll be able to hire me for half-day projects and various fantabulousness — in a way I offer only to clients whose brands I know, inside ‘n out.

What's your cancellation policy?

Creative work is a tricky minx. Once you sign up for a Shazzam Sesh, I start thinking about your brand, way before the big days. Taglines wake me up at night (they’re so rude!). I have hot shower epiphanies. I hear a jazz riff and think of you. So while the Shazzam Sesh is about Three Big Days, it’s also much more than that.

That’s why I don’t offer cancellations for this package.

If you absolutely need to reschedule, just let me know within 5 business days of First Big Day. You’ll be able to reschedule within four weeks of our original date. And you can only reschedule once. That’s the dealio.

I have more questions!

You thoughtful person, you. Contact me here and all will be well.

So: sound fantastic? Awesome.

Contact me and we’ll work out the details.


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