3-Day Shazzam Sesh

Need Some Creative Badassery, Stat?

Take Your Message from “Ho-Hum” to “Hot Damn!”

You: Have given your web writing the college try, but know it needs that magical more factor. No wheels need reinventing, but you’d love a pro with mojo to polish the rough spots. Spice up the sparse bits. Oomph-ify, de-blah, and awesomize.

I: Have intuitive and wordsmithing ninja-ry. (And I only use my powers for good.) Cupid’s packed my quiver with the insightful questions that draw out your fabulousness — and I’ve honed my gifts writing websites for embarassingly happy ‘preneurs.

We: Are gonna rock this thing. Just you watch.

You Get:

  • A Robust Intro Questionnaire, plus a lovin’ review of your current site before our Day of Awesome.
  • 90 Minute Creative Jam Sesh via Skype. Pour your heart out.  I’m all ears.
  • Writing Cave Mojo* where I’ll fine-tooth-comb your site, adding potent pop, strategic spice, and expert sprinkles of wordsmithing love. JIMMIES! (Depending on the length and quality of your current pages, this includes 3-6 pages of copy.)
  • 1 Hour Afterglow Sesh: Once you’ve read your new copy (and swooned!) we’ll reconvene via Skype to chat about how you can maximize your general branding from now on, next steps for your productivity, resources, warm fuzzies, and more. Pick my brain!
  • Swipe My Rolodex:  Get my top recommendations for tools and peeps your online biz will love.
  • Want More?  After Our Special Day, you’ll be able to hire me for smaller projects. Y’know, things I only do for people whose brands I know and love.

The Benjamins:

$1,500. Yep, that’s it!

You’ve got the Parliament.  I’ll bring the Funkadelic.


Contact me today to snag your spot!

Oh. My. God. I want to French kiss your copy. I want to squeeze it like chocolate onto two scoops of vanilla ice cream and bliss out with the flavors. ~ Forest Linden | The Tech Husband

I’ve worked with other copywriters before, but no experience has carried with it the attention to detail and special touches Angela’s Shazzam Sesh includes. From the initial call to the wrap-up session, everything flowed beautifully. The results Angela produced were like a warm batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies baked up especially for me! I could not recommend her work more highly.
~Kerrie Blazek, Pleasure Catalyst + Life Strategist | In Her Element

Holy baby J – it was SO worth it! My copy bloomed from ho-hum and puny to SHAZAM spectacular! Her words brought the vision of my business alive. She captured my voice and style like a frickin’ ninja with her fabulous and insightful questions. These questions were super fun to reflect on and answer and left me knowing myself a whole lot more. It was deep. The writing she did for me is a true work of art. Best investment ever. ~Rachel Fisher, Acupuncturist, Oriental Medicine Practitioner | Compassionate Medicine

Ready, Freddy?  Snag your spot right here.

*Sorry, clients aren’t allowed in my Writing Cave. It’s just me, caffeine, and Miles Davis.  Trust me, it’s better that way.