Sexy, Savvy Copy


Don’t just sell. Charm.

I help soulful entrepreneurs like you clarify their message and put it into sexy, sexy words. I notice when your eyes light up … and weave that glow into persuasive web writing that works.

It makes the world (and the web) a prettier place.

C’mon.  Entice me.

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Delicious Whimsy.  Top Shelf Clarity.

Killer-diller copy presents you at your most flattering.  Like a loving friend who sees the best in you, introduces you to new friends with glowing admiration, and always lights you just so.  Good for the soul and the complexion.  You look fresh and radiant, and your business booms.

Tasty Packages

Whether you need a single page or a social media tour de force, we'll razzle-dazzle your message with vim, wit, and optimum deliciousness.

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The Pleasure’s All Mine

I write under the influence of dark chocolate, jazz, and a dash of wanderlust.

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Make a Girl Blush, Whydoncha

My clients gush for themselves.

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