Summer of Moxie

Calling all entrepreneurs, online phenoms,

movers, shakers, + lovers!

If you’ve got a bizz or website that’s…
–ready to launch, but needs some extra love
–plateau’ed and ready for a sexy, savvy revamp
–on the brink of greatness, waiting for that branding nudge…

Do I have the solution for you!

The Gist:

I’m serving up 3 branding + strategic consults this August. 

Because, truth: I don’t want to write your copy for you. (Egads!) I want to empower you to write your own top-notch copy and content. How much more empowering does that sound?

Meet my signature mini-consulting experience, The Moxiemaker.

This streamlined package gets you the branding ‘n strategy oomph you need to strut into more greatness — without breaking the bank. These consults are fun, fresh, and individualized for exactly where you are in your biz. We’ll cover topics ranging from website optimization to message illumination, online strategy to the personal growth opportunities of entrepreneurship. Whatever it takes to get you kick-started to the next level. 

~ What’s a Moxiemaker? ~

Moxie: noun, def.: Can-do confidence, classy chutzpah, + magic-makin’ mojo. A savvy, inspired spring-in-your-step that comes from creative clarity and passionate purpose. A powerful consulting jumpstart.  Your investment includes:

  • Prelude ~ You’ll receive an introductory questionnaire as soon as you sign up. I’ll do the savvy sleuthing and question-posing so we hit the ground running. You’ll answer fundamental questions, I’ll review your site (if you’ve got one).
  • 90min Creative Jam Sesh ~ Over phone, tea, or Skype, we’ll put our brilliant heads together. I’ll ask you the juiciest questions — the ones that clarify your brand, illuminate the hidden gems, and make your site sing. We’ll suss out all the branding, strategy, and online goodness to help you soar. You’ll also get my take (if you need it) on navigation, marketing, and single malt scotches. Among other things.
  • Instant Replay ~ You’ll get a recording of our sesh, along with a short document recapping all the glorious highlights — from soulful to tactical.

Your cost: $350.

Luxurious Listening. Revelatory Reflections. Immediate Impact.

Rooted in deep listening, with a generous helping of muse-coaxing, a sprinkle of strategy, and a side of fizzy lifting juice.

These 3 spots will go fast, so contact me now to secure your spot.

I can’t wait to support you!


Love for the Moxiemaker:

I now have a plan I’m implementing and getting great satisfaction and results from.  You should see the completion check marks I have on the plan we created!! I highly recommend people who need a real pro to contact Angela.  I’ve got my own moxie going due to Angela! ~ Serena Crossfield, web developer

Relief!! I don’t have to do it alone!
Gratitude: Someone from the “outside” gets what I do and can translate it for others in a way that helps everyone make the connections that serve.
Laughter: At the ease in which Angela created copy that I loved, but was so challenging for me to generate.
~ Laura Emlen, Door-to-Door Speech Therapy

Contact me today to scoop up your slot!

Vox Sessions now open for Spring! Enneagram + copy = BAM.Amp my voice.